On Music:

"Songs of Searching"

The Christian Century
"Year-end Popular Music Recommendations"

"An Anti-Folktale"
"Low: Struggling but Hopeful"
"The art of being David Bazan"

"Moby Audio Interview: Everything is Complicated" Part 1Part 2Part 3

"In Focus"

The A.V. Club
"Favorite pop-culture goodbyes"
"Miley Cyrus offers Occupy Wall Street anthem, finally"

On Film:

The A.V. Club
"What are your favorite and least favorite cultural baits and switches?"
"James Cameron declares that he's permanently, exclusively in the Avatar-and-fish business"
"Nicolas Cage improves your day by reading the lyrics to 'Sexy And I Know It'"
"Cabin In The Woods"

PsycCritiques (Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books
"Horrific Nostalgia: The Horror Film as a Medium for Nostalgic Catharsis"

"The double-edged Spear"

On Books:

The A.V. Club
"The books you've loved the longest"
"These forensic sketches of fictional characters will haunt your dreams"

On Games:

The Gameological Society
"These Super Mario Bros. transit maps will take your commute to the next level"

On Faith:

"Wealth, Fame—and Jesus"

Book chapter
"Looking back to move forward" included in chapter of Living God's Politics (HarperOne)

On Education:

The North Parker 
"Across Campus"
"Across Campus"
"Across Campus"
"Campus News"
"Campus News"
"Campus News"
"A Degree of Satisfaction"

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