Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trailer Watch

In these lazy, hazy, crazy dog dog days of summer, there's nothing like a batch of strong trailers for some of the coming months' most buzzed-about releases to get us ready for fall...

First up, Boston crime drama The Town, opening September 17:

Adapted from the novel Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan, The Town is the sophomore directorial/co-writing effort from Ben Affleck, who proved himself a formidable talent behind the camera with 2007's excellent Gone Baby Gone. Rather than give brother Casey the starring turn this time, though, Affleck (straight from the personal trainer, apparently) here steps into that role himself, the next phase in a valiant attempt to resurrect his acting career.

It certainly doesn't hurt that his co-stars are Jon "Don Draper" Hamm and a fresh-off-his-Hurt Locker-Oscar-nom Jeremy Renner -- or that this clip makes the thing look like The Departed meets Dark Knight. In other words, I'm eager to see it.

Next is the strangest, and most potentially interesting, of these three: Catfish, which also bows Septmeber 17. The breakout Sundance hit's trailer is already something of a controversy; the film's primary draw during the festival was its refusal to be bound to any one genre, and the surprises that its third act delivered. Some are crying foul that this clip gives away too much (consider yourself warned):

I, for one, am a perfect mark for this kind of campaign; without a marketing push like this, I likely wouldn't be much enthused about yet another indie faux-doc. While I understand the argument that going into the film knowing nothing is the ideal way to experience this kind of story, most of the moviegoing public doesn't get to experience new releases within the context of a film fest bubble. Bring on the "WTF" angle, I say.

Finally, the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg biopic, The Social Network, opening October 1:

When I first heard that Ben Mezrich's 2009 book, The Accidental Billionaires, was being adapted, I wondered if the story of Facebook would really make for much of a movie. Then, it was announced that Aaron Sorkin was writing the script, which David Fincher would direct (with a score by Trent Reznor, no less). I got interested.

The trailer, buoyed by an eerie choral rendition of Radiohead's "Creep" -- from Belgian women's choir Scala and Kolacny Brothers, reports Entertainment Weekly -- manages to be dark, funny, and poignant. Here's hoping the film lives up to it.

Is it autumn yet?

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