Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Genius or atrocity?

...I still can't quite decide. Let the busting out of holiday music commence! When news that Bob Dylan was recording a Christmas album was first reported, the world scratched its collective head. The more I heard about it, though, the more I thought, "Ok, he might make something interesting out of this." Turns out - for my money - Christmas in the Heart is every bit the (albeit somewhat winking) SNL-sketch-that-never-was we feared it might be.

Behold, the new video for first single, "Must Be Santa." It's kind of hard to believe this exists, but it's so insane that I find it strangely endearing, and it's hard not to be charmed by Dylan in a top hat and creepy wig (I think?) staggering around:
Merry Christmas?

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Steve Thorngate said...

I like this too, because it's crazy but also because his band sounds fantastic. The rest of the album doesn't all sound so good, however...

Dave B. said...

I don't like the crooner arrangements on some of these songs; it assumes a crooner voice, which, let's be honest, Dylan never had. Should have country-ed it up a little.

Celeste said...

I enjoyed the filming and the band in the video, but couldn't get over how much I dislike the song "Must be Santa," and Dylan kept creeping me out. What was with his hair or wig? I'll just stick with Sufjan's Christmas album and The Messiah (Advent tracks only until Dec. 25, of course).

John G. Potter said...

I'm with you guys. I think everyone was expecting something different out of a Dylan holiday album (not that we were expecting one in the first place)...but it's not the first time he's been surprising.

Some critics have assumed the whole thing is an exercise in irony, but he's pretty insistent that this isn't the case.

Celeste, I think your plan is a good one. I've previously posted on what I find to be tolerable holiday jams: http://ontape.blogspot.com/2007/12/getting-sick-of-holly-jolly-christmas.html