Monday, July 27, 2009

Drug references remain intact

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp premiered the trailer for their upcoming Alice in Wonderland a few days ago at Comic-Con. The result? A resounding, "Meh," in my opinion.

As I was concerned might be the case, the thing looks way too CGI-heavy, and might be destined for Burton's "disappointing remakes" pile, considering dude's hit-or-miss record. 

Still, maybe I'm judging too harshly without seeing much, and it'll turn out great. But his Charlie and the Chocolate Factory still leaves a decidedly un-sweet taste in my mouth...


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Dave B. said...

agreed...too much CGI which often means you're compensating for something.

John G. Potter said...

Yeah...and I get that the point is that she's immersed in this world of CGI, but I'll take 80s puppets over fake-looking computer stuff any day.