Friday, May 8, 2009

Did I Step on Your Designer Shoe?

Digging on Kanye's Air Yeezys or Louis Vuittons, but not the overnight line-waiting or thousand dollar (seriously) price tag?

Perhaps an even quirkier, less famous musician's footwear is in order: behold the Danielson Shoe.

While the intial reaction to Daniel Smith releasing kicks might be one of surprise, it also makes perfect sense: his indie rock family has been putting out a line of hand-crafted goods for years through their "line," Great Comfort Stuff (pillowcases, heart-shaped "blinders," greeting cards, etc). After all, you'll need something to tide you over until Jay-Z unveils a sneaker of his own in June.

Pick up a pair, and rock them at a Danielson show this month.

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Jenny said...

I like those heart shaped blinders...and I like that you are posting again! Good job babe!

John G. Potter said...

Thanks for the a reward, can you buy me some Air Yeezys?