Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Songs about work don't make Monday shows any better

Minneapolis stalwarts Dillinger Four brought their brand of hardcore-meets-pop-punk to Reggie's last night, in support of their latest, C I V I L W A R, which, as predicted, has grown on me, with time.

Along with some extensive thoughts on Batman as the messiah, D4 (and harder-leaning local openers, the Brokedowns) came to the South Loop - en route to South By Southwest - with a healthy mix of some of the new, more reflective and personal songs, and plenty of older-school fist-pumpers.

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Eric said...

hey, did you know mxpx is releasing a new on the cover album? and it includes a ramones cover? now you know, and knowing is half the battle

John G. Potter said...

I'd heard that, actually. Go ahead, MxPx.

Also, I really hope that after the end credits of the new GI Joe movie, they have a "knowing is half the battle" PSA.