Friday, March 20, 2009

Also contains 5-star review of live Phish B-sides

Hey, look! The new issue of Rolling Stone has the sexy, underage cast of Gossip Girl on its cover! Doing suggestive things! Probably in reference to the important role that Gossip Girl has played in shaping and impacting modern music!

In related news, Rolling Stone sucks.

EDIT: I made the (admittedly weak) joke in the post title before realizing that the cover ACTUALLY MENTIONS PHISH. What a shock. I guess that makes it funnier?

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Steve Thorngate said...

And coming in third on the cover: a piece of political journalism likely to exhibit most of HST's anger, even more unapologetic lopsidedness, and very little of his humor or self-deprecation! Inside: probably more boobs or whatever.

John G. Potter said...

Yeah, there are pretty much two RS covers: naked girls, and "Why Bush is the Worst Person that Ever Lived" pseudo-gonzo pieces. And Phish.

Anonymous said...

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