Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You're gonna get some hop-ons

A.V. Club reports that Michael "Mr. I'm-Better-Than-The-Rest-Of-You-But-Aren't-I-Endearing-Anyway?" Cera (or is that Mr. Manager?), the only cast holdout for the likely-impending Arrested Development movie, has signed on.

This, combined with Ron Howard's recent declaration that script-writing and meetings are happening, is good news, indeed, for Hop-Ons (the unofficial name for AD junkies).

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Katie said...

thank god. let's just all hope and cross our fingers and pray to our respective gods that the movie doesn't destroy ad's grand legacy, am i right?

as for cera, he was recently officially taken off of my facebook profile's "interests" list. i think that speaks for itself.

John G. Potter said...

It seems to me that AD is one of the few shows that could translate successfully to the big screen.

I've got high hopes, but should probably lower my expectations, just in case.