Monday, January 26, 2009

Fake NES opening = superior to prestigious awards

No big surprises among last week's Oscar nominee announcements - save, perhaps, Robert Downey, Jr.'s nomination for Tropic Thunder, which, some would argue, only made the cut because Heath Ledger's got the trophy locked up (a prediction further sealed by Ledger's SAG Award win last night).

While there's been grumbling aplenty on the internets about "Best Picture" not being among Dark Knight's eight nominations (c'mon, did folks really think the Academy had room for more than one non-period drama?), I'll continue to focus my whining on that category ghetto known as "Best Animated Feature Film," created eight years ago as an apparent means by which to give Pixar an annual Oscar. As was the case in '07, I thought the animation studio made what was probably the best movie of the year, in Wall-E.

Some had thought Wall-E might break the mold this year, and become the second ever animated film nominated for Best Picture. But with the creation of the Best Animated category, it's a safe bet that quality cartoon features will be unable to break out of their designated territory.

Not that comic book adaptations fare much better. Whatever...can any Best Picture nominees claim an 8-bit pseudo-Nintendo game opening sequence?

I rest my case.

UPDATE: it looks like Pluck You, Too! agrees with me.

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