Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Axl Rose: decidedly not a Pepper

So, Chinese Democracy finally arrived last week (to generally positive reviews, if slightly lackluster sales), and Dr. Pepper made good on its strange marketing-gamble of a promise to offer everyone in the country a free soda if GN'R released the record by the end of 2008...until high coupon demand crashed the soft drink company's website.

Now, apparently, people are pissed at Axl & Co. over their lack of free soda, and the band is apparently pissed enough at Dr. Pepper to sue. All of which provokes a resounding "Meh." 

Incidentally, do we think the cola giant was banking on the fact that the album has taken 17 years to release, and didn't figure it risked taking a free-soda-for-everyone bath, or do we think they're happy to have helped bring the record into fruition? Probably, they're just stoked that jerks like me are blogging about Dr. Pepper. 

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Jenny said...

That is super weird. But I do like Dr. Pepper...yum!

Eric said...

they're definitely happy you're blogging about it. i may have to go get me some dr. pepper

John G. Potter said...

I refuse to promote Dr. Pepper. Wait...I already did.

Anonymous said...

dr pepper made me lactose intolerant and I said I was thankful for the new gnr at the thxgiving dinner table.