Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Commence nerd-speak

Batfans got an early Christmas present today, when The Dark Knight (finally) dropped on DVD and Blu-Ray. While, for me, the film itself only gets better with each viewing, it turns out the two-disc special edition is a bit less than special, with only a handful of measly features that could've easily fit on one disc.

Aside from a couple of brief, albeit interesting, featurettes on the film's score and new gadgetry, respectively, there's very little by way of behind-the-scenes info - disappointing, after Batman Begins's packed-to-the-gils special edition. The presentation of scenes shot exclusively for IMAX in their original framing, as well as a series of "Gotham Tonight" fake news briefs, are mildly interesting. But no extensive making-of, no commentary, and - most bewilderingly, especially in light of his near-certain Oscar nomination - no tribute to Heath Ledger, all point to one, unfortunately likely, scenario: multiple release "editions," spread out over a few years.

Hey, it makes sense that Warners would want to milk the thing for all its worth (not like we haven't seen it from them before), what with TDK becoming, potentially, the highest grossing movie of all time, and I'm not complaining that it's already been released in several variations - the Blu-Ray edition offers more special features, but, given my late arrival to iPods, I'm sure it'll take me a while to get on board that train - and will be re-released into theaters next month. But it's a bummer coming from a franchise that got where it is based on fan support, not to mention director Christopher Nolan's commitment to quality.

Ah, well. Like a sucker, I'll still pump more money into it by going to another IMAX screening, which ought to help a "Super-Special Anniversary Edition" release materialize...

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