Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Che: The Movie" t-shirts and iPods coming soon!

Walter Salles's celebrated Motorcycle Diaries was able to gloss over the less-inspiring aspects of Che Guevara's life by framing the story in the icon's pre-revolutionary days (while attempts to tell a different side of the story have had mixed results). Steven Soderbergh's new Che, then, walks a careful line by focusing intently on the warfare Guevara waged.

The four-hour-plus, Benicio Del Toro-starring biopic will be released in two parts (The Argentine and Guerilla, respectively), as well as screened in one sitting at select venues, including Cuba's New Latin American Film Festival. Shot in Spain and Bolivia, Soderbergh claims to have refused to portray "St. Che," while still seeking to showcase Guevara's ability to capture imaginations worldwide. The degree to which the director is successful - and the reaction to it - should be interesting to see...

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Katie said...

Why is this movie so long?? I should support artistic endeavors that buck the mainstream constraints on the medium, but wow. I guess gandhi was long and that movie was awesome. Anyhow, I'm glad someone's attempting to tell the real, bloody story of Che Guevara.

On a different note, I hate that your blurb says "Just a Chicago-based fan of music..." I don't hate it, but it makes me sad. I hope you (and Jenny B) are doing well and enjoying Chi-town!


John G. Potter said...

Well, it will be broken into two parts, would should make it a little less daunting...

Things are well in the Chi, but I do miss DC. Come & visit anytime!