Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Bloggiversary

Today, On Tape turns one year old...and what a wild ride it's been. Or whatever.

And a year ago this week, the first On Tape review was titled, "Kanye gets weirder...and we like it." Well, dude has gotten weirder still, as evidenced by his new single, "Love Lockdown" - available to stream on his blog - in which he employs that auto-tune thing he's so nuts about lately.

The trippy, simple song - it sort of sounds like Kanye's take on the Neptunes - will, apparently, be featured on his new album, apparently titled 808's and Heartbreak (what's up with the unnecessary apostrophe, Ye?) and arriving December 16. Apparent single cover art above. (Also, he was arrested this morning for roughing up a paparazzi, but I don't care about that.)

Thanks for reading On Tape!

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