Friday, August 15, 2008

Say it ain't so, Harry

Some supremely lame news, care of Cinematical: Warners is reportedly pushing back the release date of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from November 21 to July 17 of next year. 

Yep, that's the same movie for which the studio premiered a trailer a scant two and a half weeks ago, due to bow three months from now - meaning the thing is definitely in the can. Their only explanation, then? Thinking they could stand to make more money up against next summer's slated films than this winter's. Very uncool, especially since these are far from the first suspicions of WB milking the franchise for all it's worth. 

I've got to think they risk a serious backlash from legions of fans who no longer have new books in the series to look forward to. On the other hand, what are they gonna do - not show up, whenever it's released? Unlikely... 

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Katie said...

Ahhh! That is so lame! Harry Potter feels like a winter movie. (Maybe has to do with the books NEVER taking place during the summer...well, until the last one)

Stupid Warner Bros. Like the kids (and by kids, I mean us) aren't going to see the movie like 5 times regardless of what else is out there. Besides, I always get my parents to pay for the 2nd viewing during Christmas (God, I'm still a child).

John G. Potter said...

I know. Majorly bummed.