Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trailer watch, part II

Yet more new, buzzworthy trailers worth taking a look at...

Moviefone premiered Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tonight, and there should be plenty for fans to rejoice about: it's pitch-perfectly spooky, and it appears director David Yates (who also handled the last entry, the Order of the Phoenix, and will helm the next and final two-parter, the Deathly Hallows) continues to be unafraid to take the series into the books' increasingly dark terrain.

In addition, those curious about Oliver Stone's George Bush biopic, W., can get a look at that film's trailer, also at Moviefone. No surprise that they're employing a not-exactly-as-it-happened framework, but it looks interesting, to say the least. 

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Katie said...

Harry Potter! I'm so excited. After seeing Dark Knight (twice!) though I wish Gary Oldham was still around. Oh well.

Did you see the original trailer that was up for HP? It was about 15 seconds of black screen flashes, the name of the movie, and the date it was coming out. Not that enticing. Glad they have a real one up now.

About W: too soon, Oliver, too soon.

John G. Potter said...

Gary Oldman is awesome. I'd watch him in anything. And yeah, not sure what to make of "W," but it'll probably be, at least, worth checking out.