Friday, July 25, 2008

Old man takes a look at his life

Neil Young has directed a new documentary, CSNY: Deja Vu, about the supergroup's tumultuous "Freedom of Speech" tour in 2006.

While the seminal folk band is rooted in protest songs, Young's '06 album Living With War (or, as SNL parodied it, I Do Not Agree with Many of this Administration's Policies) didn't always go down easy with fans and the press. Deja Vu chronicles that time period.

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Dave B. said...

This looks wonderful...I saw them on their 2002 tour and they were, in reference to an earlier post as to who will be rocking the Republican convention...when I went to W.'s speech in Duluth, it was the Oak Ridge Boys...either them or Ted Nugent...

John G. Potter said...

Got to see them in the late 90s - great then, too.