Monday, July 14, 2008

"If just one person..."

In case you can't get enough Muppets, Jim Henson's Fantastic World - currently on display at the Smithsonian (and touring through early 2011) - is a fascinating look at the life and work of the man behind Kermit & Co.

Packed with his sketches, storyboards, and designs, the exhibit makes clear Henson was driven by genius, ambition, and limitless imagination, reiterating the tragedy that, though he had many more ideas than could ever be produced, his death cut short what might've been shared with the world.

What he did share, though, changed television, certainly (his background in groundbreaking commercials is highlighted), but also the world's ideas about how to entertain and educate children. Fitting, then, that the exhibition features not only original Muppets behind display case glass, but an interactive puppet show that allows kids to be Muppeteers themselves, complete with TV monitors. 

Smithsonian has a great accompanying podcast, which you can enjoy with or without attending. 

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Dave B. said...

Luckily I will be in Chicago 2010-2011...this is definitely on my calendar.

John G. Potter said...

I recommend it...

liz said...

this is awesome!