Thursday, July 17, 2008

Don't call them Chuck E. Cheese

If you’re like me, and you recently had your mind blown by the circulating video of Showbiz Pizza’s animatronic band, the Rock-afire Explosion, inexplicably performing Usher’s “Love in this Club,” you wanted to know how this wonder came to be. Why is the clip synced so perfectly in time with the song? Could it be that someone, somewhere, actually programmed the singing robots in question to perform hits from today?

Yes, turns out. Not only that – there’s a small, but devoted, Rock-afire fanbase collecting, assembling, and programming the characters in their homes. And now, reports Paste, their journey is the subject of an upcoming documentary, The Rock-afire Explosion:

Epic. To prepare yourself, check out Rock-afire performing the White Stripes, MGMT, and Shakira.

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Katie said...

Hey! Have you been to yet? They also have posted Rock-afire Explosion performing Madonna and Britney Spears...though maybe those are less up the on tape alley.

I think they also have a clip with Chris Thrash, but I can't really tell since I can't watch video at work.


John G. Potter said...

Will have to check it out...