Monday, June 2, 2008

Not about a comic book movie

Box office pundits who questioned whether women could drive a summer blockbuster got their answer this weekend when Sex and the City became the #1 movie, with a substantial $56.8 million haul. For those keeping track, that's the third biggest debut of the year (behind the decidedly more testosterone-driven Indiana Jones and Iron Man), and the fifth biggest R-rated opening ever.

While some cynically speculate that the huge first day opening suggests a potential big drop off next weekend, there's no denying that women, in a teenage boy-targeting summer, can drive a hit.

Although I wasn't one of these guys this weekend, I've certainly dragged my girlfriend to enough superhero movies to return the favor for her - but when she bought midnight screening tickets, I was out. "Can there really be enough girls out there who want to stand in line and fill up theaters until the middle of the night?" I asked. She assured me there were - and guess who was right?

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