Monday, April 7, 2008

Creepy mustache+sixth grade haircut = Godfather of Emo?

The word is out: the sixth Weezer album - their first in three years, due out this June - will be titled...wait for it...Weezer. Yes, just like their 1994 debut (aka "Blue") and 2001 comeback (aka "Green"), except this one is, reportedly, Red. So, there's that.

Frontman Rivers Cuomo's recent collection of home recordings from 1992-2007 served as a reminder of the catchy, hard-edged pop power the crew was capable of in the Matt Sharp days. Perhaps the unearthing of those tracks prompted Cuomo to revisit old melodies? It could happen. Parts of =W='s last record, the surprisingly solid Make Believe, sounded more like the Blue Album than anything they've done since, well, the Blue Album.

And then there's the whole writing-a-song-with-fans-over-YouTube thing:

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Katie said...

I was obsessed with this man once. I don't care what they say about the last album and while a couple of songs on green were "fun", real weezer fans only care about the first two albums. and how can anyone's love persist with only that?

unless, of course, they die or break up. but even then you might get a "from a basement on the hill" or "new moon". oh elliott.

John G. Potter said...

While the last album wasn't anywhere near the first two, I thought it was an improvement over the last two. Who knows, maybe "Red" will be amazing?