Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Breaking campaign trail news

An important development for the presidential election: rapper 50 Cent, formerly a supporter of Sen. Clinton, has switched allegiances to Sen. Obama. Voters owe it to themselves to become informed on this issue.

Nah, psyche - April fool! 50 sucks.

It's true news, though. Sadly, so is XXL's interview with fellow MC DMX, in which he reveals not only to have never heard of Obama, but also his disbelief that Barack is the senator's real name. And here, I thought X called himself a Ruff Ryder as an homage to his political hero, Teddy Roosevelt. No?

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Eric said...

that is, by far, the most hilarious interview every. oh dmx, when will you learn?

John G. Potter said...

Hard to believe it's real...