Thursday, April 17, 2008

Allegedly wanted Hulk to find redemption while in prison

The dirty laundry of "creative differences" between Incredible Hulk lead/co-writer/co-producer Edward Norton and Marvel Studios is being aired all over.

As previously mentioned, the inclusion of Norton in the franchise revamp was an encouraging, if odd, choice for a "sequel" openly striving more for brawn than brains. But, apparently, the Fight Club star (notorious, as Entertainment Weekly notes, for involving himself heavily in his films' production) and the studio are no longer on speaking terms, due to a disagreement over how brainless the movie's action should be. Ultimately, Marvel won the fight - case in point, Hulk's thoroughly mediocre trailer.

Maybe it'll all get sorted out, and the movie will turn out just great; maybe it'll be a wasted opportunity to tell the story anew...either way, I'm still gonna go see Hulk smash.

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AnneToe said...

This sounds familiar. Is this a remake of the original remake from 2003? Did they not think anyone would notice? On the other hand...Edward Norton.

John G. Potter said...

Not a remake, but a "reimagining" (ie, the last one didn't make a ton of money; maybe we can make a ton of money this time).