Monday, April 14, 2008

2 Weezer posts in 2 weeks: why not?

Last week I expressed hope about Weezer's forthcoming Red Album (out in June), as the band's last record, Make Believe, was more in the style of "classic Weezer" than "comeback Weezer," and it seemed they may continue on that trajectory.

Judging - at least as much as one can judge from 30 seconds - by the clip floating around of rumored first single "Pork and Beans," they are solidly in Blue Album territory.

It's that tricky artist terrain - do stuff too different from your original work, and everyone wants you to go back to the old way. Do stuff too similar, and everyone will be bored. But this little bit sounds pretty great to me...

UPDATE: The whole song is now available to stream. Some of the oft-sited "problems" of the last few albums remain (sort of overproduced, lacking in lyrical emotion), but the guitar sound, melody, and chorus are pure Blue Album. Certainly the best first album single they've had since "El Scorcho," and in fairness to the much-maligned Make Believe, that record's singles were arguably its weakest songs. This is just the tip of the Red iceberg, and I think it's great.

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