Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh, also - Blake Sennett is dating Winona Ryder.

When Rilo Kiley frontwoman Jenny Lewis embarked on her 2006 solo tour, I picked up tickets, but told people, "I wish it were Rilo Kiley touring." After seeing her play the 9:30 Club (listen to the show) with the Watson Twins - who, incidentally, just signed with Vanguard and played SXSW - I changed my tune. The country/gospel of Rabbit Fur Coat had grown on me big time.

By the time the band did get around to touring a year later (listen to the show), I found myself wishing it were another Lewis solo show, and, initially underwhelmed by Under the Blacklight, decided to pass. Since then, thankfully, that record has grown on me, too - and Rilo Kiley is touring again.

Blacklight isn't the great album Lewis's solo effort is, nor is it as solid as the band's More Adventurous (2004); it is, ironically, more adventurous. The record is sleeker, synthier, and more poppy than any of the group's previous, indie-twang material, and that's ok. Rilo Kiley's melodies are strong as ever, and this time, I won't be missing out.

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Katie said...

Oh! Does that mean you'll be catching the tour when it stops by DC? I'm hoping to go this time around more pangs of regret as I listen to the shoddy webcast from my bed for me.

John G. Potter said...

I'll be there.

Eric said...

i think i'm going to try and see them in toronto. i missed both jenny lewis on her solo tour (twice) and rilo kiley's most recent.

Katie said...

John. This might make you sad. Rilo Kiley is already sold out. Probably a pre-sale or something. Looks like we'll be missing out again :(

John G. Potter said...

Foiled again.