Monday, March 10, 2008

Just don't scrap the entire project at the last minute, ok, WB?

Some encouraging news about Warner Bros.' pending big screen adaptation of Jeff Smith's great comic, Bone: it appears we can trust that Smith's input will be an important part of the process, and that he, of course, wants to see it done right.

Says Rotten Tomatoes:

This is the second trip around the screen-adaptation block for Bone...Nickelodeon was developing an animated version for a time, but the project fell apart over disagreements regarding the project's focus (in the article's words, "Smith was displeased that the studio was aiming it for kids and wanted the film to include pop songs").

A couple of notes for Jeff Smith:
-Thank you
-Please make it animated
-Please make the animation hand-drawn

That is all.

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