Monday, February 11, 2008

You can literally smell Bono's ego

Many reviews tout U23D, the first full-length, live-action 3D Imax film, as being better, or at least as good as, actually seeing U2 live. For this attendee of both the "Vertigo" (the movie's subject) and "Elevation" tours, though, it mostly just made me wish I was actually standing at the edge of the stage, like the sweaty masses on screen. Other concert junkies can probably relate - nothing compares to the thrill of being at the show.

What U23D did make me wonder is why all movies aren't in Imax 3D (some say that's not far off); having a 60-foot Bono reach out to you while staring into your eyes is a pretty cool experience (or a freaky one, depending on your perspective). The gimmick is a thrilling format for a concert film - especially one with the massive grandeur and theatricality of U2.

Swooping crane shots allow the audience both an intimate view of the band members playing and a chance to look from the stage's vantage point out over a stadium of thousands. And the songs - almost entirely big hits - sound great (the volume and clarity of the sound matches that of the screen).

If not quite the same as a real concert, U23D is an event - and a must for fans of the band.


Anonymous said...

Hey, isn't Bono some sort of activist or whatever? Or maybe I'm thinking of John Lennon.

John G. Potter said...

You're right, it's Bono - you can tell them apart because he's the one who's friends with Jim Wallis.