Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hooray, expensive arena tours

What's a Washingtonian to do? Radiohead released their first set of North American dates, but not a ton, and more are on the way. Problem? One of those dates is in Bristow, VA, an hour from DC. Given the listed stops so far (two Florida shows, two Texas shows, etc) and the promise of more dates, it's somewhat reasonable to assume they'll come here, right? Or does one just go ahead and get tickets to the existing date? It's a pickle.

The same question could be applied to
Kanye's first set of dates - not many listed, supposedly more on the way...cause for concern? Meanwhile, Jay-Z is coming to DC, but tickets most likely start at around $60, so, sorry, Hov, I'm ok with sitting this one out.

UPDATE: Kanye has released the
full dates, including a stop in Bristow, VA the day before Radiohead's show. Considering that's listed as his Washington stop, I'm going to go ahead and assume Radiohead won't be coming any closer than that, either. No word yet on when tickets go on sale for the second leg of Ye's tour, but the sale for Radiohead's first set is Saturday morning...

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