Friday, February 15, 2008

Call me a sucker, but...

I had mildly high expectations for Thriller 25 - the 25th anniversary edition of Thriller, released this week - but I'm less than "thrilled" with it (yeah, I went there). I don't normally get very pumped for reissues with "remixes," but c'mon - this was Kanye and mixing some of MJ's hottest songs...there had to be at least some fun tracks to dance to, right? Alas, it's nothing more than the tacky repackaging it threatened to be.

Kanye just throws on the beat from "
Stronger" and mumbles a "Yeah, uh" in his "Billie Jean 2008." He slows down the tempo a bit, and the secluded string part does sound nice, but I kind of thought this would be an opportunity to use what's one of the best pop songs of all time for something a little more exciting.'s "P.Y.T. 2008" fares a little better, but his uninspired "The Girl is Mine 2008" also falls flat.

Meh. That'll teach me to have expecations.

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