Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One'll be cool

Remember when actress Zooey Deschanel sang real nice-like in Elf? Turns out her long-rumored album is dropping in March, and while you might assume from Elf and her cabaret act, "If All the Stars Were Pretty Babies," that her debut record would be made up of jazzy standards, it's actually a collaboration with indie wonderboy M. Ward - the duo even have name: She and Him.

Pitchfork tells us S&H's Volume 1 arrives March 18 on Ward's Merge Records, and they've scheduled sets at South by Southwest this spring.


Eric said...

as a skeptic turned lover of elf, i thought mr. ferrell was quite perceptive in his acknowledgement of his fellow elf-impersonator's voice. excited to hear it on cd

John G. Potter said...

Yeah, sounds like it could be pretty sweet.