Friday, November 16, 2007

Go ask Disney Digital 3D Alice

Speaking of Tim Burton, dude just signed with Disney for two 3D features. The first is Alice in Wonderland, which - like every Burton project - certainly sounds really neat. With Burton, though (genius he may be), these ideas can sometimes be much more exciting than the movies themselves turn out to be. Mercifully, the film will be live action with motion capture elements, rather than entirely "mo cap." We'll see what this looks like a little further down the line, but let's hope it's more in the realm of Pan's Labyrinth than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The second, somewhat strangely, is a full-length adapataion of Burton's live action short, Frankenweenie, shot in stop-motion (a la Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride) - as will be Coraline, yet another 3D production, directed by stop-motion veteran/Nightmare director Henry Selick (and adapted from the similarly Wonderlandish Neil Gaiman novel). I'll try to not get prematurely excited about these movies so as to not be potentially let down, but I gotta say, it'll be tough. Maybe Steve Jobs was right, and sooner or later, everthing will be in 3D...

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