Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Eye of the Raven?

Imagine...if you dare, a biopic about Edgar Allan Poe. Which writer/director of gothy sensbilities do you picture taking on the task? Tim Burton? David Lynch? Jean-Pierre Jeunet? (That'd probably be awesome, actually.) Nope. Try First Blood himself, Sly Stallone. In case you hadn't heard, John Rambo wrote a script - "the best thing that I've ever written" - for the tentatively titled Poe, in the 90s, and intends to direct it soon. Interesting.

Robert Downey, Jr., was once attached, but, Dark Horizons tells us, Viggo Mortensen has now been offered the part. (Good call.) The whole thing is made a little less surprising with the knowledge that Stallone has clearly expressed an interested in branching out - at one time, he was set to helm the now-shelved Notorious, about the murders of Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur, for HBO (not to be confused with Fox Searchlight's Biggie biopic of the same name). Go figure.


Eric said...

wait, so stallone is directing a movie on poe?

John G. Potter said...

Apparently. Interesting, huh?

Eric said...

yeah, interesting indeed. stallone can definitely do good stuff ('copland', people!), but i'm going to remain skeptical for a while