Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Does it come with a sensible tote?

In addition to its regular posting of great, full concerts (largely recorded here in the District), NPR's music site has had a recent makeover, and now, they've got all kinds of cool stuff going on.
Including a new blog by former (?) Sleater-Kinney words-and-guitarist Carrie Brownstein; the new "All Songs Considered" series "Project Song," in which artists (first up: Magnetic Fields' Stephen Merritt) are given 48 hours and a studio full of instruments to write and perform a song; and an NPR-exclusive Media Player. Just try not giving in to those pledge drives now!


Dave said...

Wow, the NPR overhaul looks really impressive. Those people know what they're doing. Thanks for the tip.

John G. Potter said...

Agreed. Check out Carrie Brownstein's blog - she talks about people who walk around with small animals on their shoulders, and pontificates on what kind of music they might listen to.