Monday, October 15, 2007

WaPo also points out, "Nobody listen to technooo"

The Washington Post has designed "The Moby Equation," calculating the degree to which a particular artist has sold out.

The device - titled thusly due to its namesake's unique distinction as creator of the most licensed album of all time - is cute, but doesn't bother to mention that, as I asked him about in my interview for Sojourners, Moby actually gave away the proceeds from many of his corporate licensors to organizations that work against those very corporations (i.e. car commercial profits to environmental non-profits, etc). Or that he lives incredibly simply for someone who holds that distinctive title. But whatever.

The fact remains that it's difficult to hear the song "Porcelain" without thinking of a sleek, German auto. (Still, if the same practice leads to your music being equally synonymous with the Bourne series, it can't be that bad, right?)

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