Monday, October 8, 2007


Rotten Tomatoes reports that The Weinstein Company has passed on Kevin Smith's "horror" script, Red State - about a Fred Phelps-like religious cult figure - which comes as a bit of a surprise, since the Weinsteins have worked with the director on nearly every picture he's done. Does this confirm the iffiness of the project (Kevin Smith is making a disturbing drama?), or ensure that he's headed in an exciting direction by trying something new (Kevin Smith is making a disturbing drama!)?

I, for one, have thought it's sounded like a cool idea since day one, if for no other reason than to see Smith attempt to move beyond the View Askewniverse...y'know, in a way that doesn't result in Jersey Girl. You even had to hand it to him for Jersey Girl, with its flaws, for tackling something different. Although Clerks 2 proved to be reasonably critically and commercially successful, it was a little disappointing to see him running back to the same characters he'd started his career with - some might call it a return to form; I call it redundant - especially after closing the book with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (literally, if you watched the credits).

So, a Kevin Smith horror movie? ...Yeah, why not? Maybe the script is too risky for the Weinsteins in a good way. A filmmaker who takes risks is much more interesting than one who becomes stagnant. But please, Kevin, leave Jay and Silent Bob out of it.

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